Patrons of the Art of Bonsai

Patrons of the Art of Bonsai


  • Carl Bergstrom
  • Walter Pall
  • Candy J Shirey


The above list is of patrons who have given financial support to the Art of Bonsai Project.

Having been on-line for over two years without accepting donations we, after reaching a level of success once only dreamed of, have found it beneficial to our future goals for the forum to start accepting the offers of financial support we receive from time to time.

As always, we are determined to keep AoB ad free and free from other financial distractions. We list the sponsors of our various world-class contests in a section dedicated to thanking them in hopes our members will show them the same support they have shown us. This section for the patrons who donate financially to support the Art of Bonsai Project will also be low key, just a simple list to honor and thank those individuals who help pay our expenses and provide monies to be used to promote and build the project. All individuals who make a cash donation to AoB will be listed here.

For those off you who wish to be a patron of the Art of Bonsai Project and help support our efforts, you can email Candy at candyjshirey[at]comcast[dot]net for information on how to do so.

For more information on this and other ways to support AoB, please see our donation page.