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AoB has compiled the webs largest collection of world-class bonsai galleries, interviews with renowned individuals in the art, and articles dealing with the artistic aspects of bonsai and related subjects. We have also created contests that have, without a doubt, been the most successful ever on-line, as well as setting the standards for all Internet bonsai contests. Our members consist of serious artists from all over the world and we have seen as many as a million hits in a single month!

Since its inception, the Art of Bonsai Project has always been a non-commercial site, free of the advertisements, pop-ups, and other such distracting ads all too common on other forums. It has always been our belief that our content should be 100% educational, inspirational, and professional without polluting the environment with “pay per click” ads or other material designed to earn a profit at the expense of quality content.

This left us with many challenges such as, covering basic hosting expenses that all forums and websites have, and having available funds to promote the forum, our contests, as well as having the ability to offer cash prizes, scholarships, subscriptions, and other prizes to our members and to the entrants in our contests.

AoB has survived and flourished since its creation depending exclusively on a donation system in which patrons of the art have generously donated the funds needed to maintain the forum. Our contest prize lists have been the best and largest ever offered on-line thanks solely to our sponsors who have graciously donated prizes, cash, and gift certificates. Our success can also be attributed to magazine sponsors such as Bonsai Today, Bonsai Focus, International Bonsai, American Bonsai Society Journal, and BCI Magazine , who have sponsored our contests, offered promotions, and published the winners and articles concerning the contests in their magazines.

We have developed several ways that you can help support the Art of Bonsai Project., each important to the continued growth of the forum and each designed with our future goals in mind.

  • Become a patron of AoB by making a cash donation. No amount is too small. All donations will go toward covering expenses, promotions, contest prizes, and other important educational and inspiration projects to further the art. Donations of $50.00 or more will receive an AoB T-Shirt as a token of our appreciation. Donations of $100.00 or more will receive an AoB Sweatshirt.
  • Become a sponsor by donating prizes to one of our many record setting contests. Our sponsor’s logo and web-page urls are featured on our sponsor page for a full year.
  • Shop at the Art of Bonsai Store . Our new store features AoB logo clothing, other clothing, aprons, buttons, gifts, and much more. All profits from every purchase go directly to AoB for maintenance, promotions, and prizes; this is a great way to donate!
  • Submit content. We are always looking for quality content and welcome submission of all articles, reviews, interviews, critiques, or galleries for consideration. Let’s face it, a forum is only as good as its content and we are proud that AoB has the first, only, and best collection of artistically related content on the web. Content is important and submitting quality content is an excellent way to support us.
  • Enter a contest. AoB receives contest entries from enthusiasts from many countries all over the world with differing experience levels. Where else can you find entries from world-class masters side by side with the very people that learn from them? The educational and inspirational value received from entering these contests are second to none. Support these acclaimed contests by sending in your entries.
  • Engage in the discussions. AoB has articles and galleries that have been viewed by more people than any others on any other forum. Do not be afraid to jump right into a discussion and post your thoughts, after all this is where education begins. By continuing a discussion and posting your thoughts, every reader benefits, this is a great way to show your support for the quality content AoB has become known for.

As you can see, there are many ways to show your support for the Art of Bonsai Project, please take the time to show your support today.

Thank you,
The Editorial Staff of AoB