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Feature Gallery

The bonsai of Jerry Meislik

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Images by Jerry Meislik, USA

Jerry Meislik has been a major influence in American bonsai since the 1980s. In additional to his international repuation for growing tropical and native North American species, Jerry is well known as a frequent demonstrator at clubs and conventions. He is the author of over fifty magazine articles and his 2004 book Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai. Here is a small selection of his work. Many more pictures are available at his website.

Ficus salificolia

Ficus salificolia, 33 inches high.

Ficus microcarpa

Ficus microcarpa, 30 inches high.

Ficus rubiginosa

Ficus rubiginosa, 25 inches high.

Larix laricina

Larix laricina, 44 inches high.

Pinux flexilis

Pinus flexilis, 40 inches high.

Pinux flexilis

Pinux flexilis, 24 inches high.

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