Critique: Nick Lenz's Root-Over-Rock Apple
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Author:  Ana Veler [ Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:53 am ]
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I hope there will be a chance to see the apple flowering when it happens next?

Much of the feminine spirit of it appears to be in the expectation or memory - if one has it - of its blush of flowers, not unlike the memories of an old lady's 'spring' [particular thanks for the comparison - it should be worth a verse or two, just not my awkward kind!].

Candy J. Shirey wrote:

In an attempt to capture the spirit of the tree with expression, the tree is eclipsed by the passion of the words.


If this wasn't the case with much of critique, then art appreciation would be a much lonelier place. Glad to have heard your say and all this.

At least for me, much of the fun comes with the words a good while after any gut feeling has settled. I'd bet I am not alone...

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