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 Post subject: Rules (in English, Turkish...)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:23 am 

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The Art of Bonsai Awards
Sponsored by International Bonsai


After careful deliberation, the staff at AoB has decided to focus on one contest only each year. It is our hope that by doing so, we can bring together a larger representation of bonsai from around the world, while continuing to offer a respectable prize list and maintain our high standard of professional judging.

We have taken all of our groundbreaking and record setting contests and incorporated the best ideas from all into one single photo contest format. This new design includes multiple categories, while creating a format where other categories and subdivisions can be easily added to meet the needs of our members and sponsors in the future.

We have also decided to offer additional awards, in cooperation with other bonsai organizations and our sponsors, such the American National Bonsai Exhibition Award, and the ABFF award. These awards are in addition to our primary awards, which are designed to reward and recognize the very best bonsai in the world.

We have eliminated our previous sub-categories dividing professional and non-professional entrants. It is our decision to hold contests that reflect the philosophy of the Art of Bonsai Project, namely that all content here be of the highest caliber.

We sincerely hope that you will help spread the word about this contest and participate yourself.

Good luck to all!


The contest objective is for bonsai artists from around the world to submit high quality pictures of world-class bonsai, which will be judged and awarded points by highly qualified judges who will be announced before the contest deadline.

The goal of this contest is educational and is meant to inspire friendly competition between artists from all around the world.

Please read all rules before submitting your entry and refer back to them before submitting your photographs in order to prevent misunderstandings or needless disqualification. Most of all, enjoy yourselves and have fun.

Contest is void where prohibited by law.

Note: If you would like to donate your time and translate these rules into a different language, please download this version complete with formatting to do so. Email your translated version to You will of course receive full credit for the translation.


Any person from any country can enter provided they abide by and agree with the rules of the contest.

You need not be a member of The Art of Bonsai Project to enter. This contest, like all of the content on AoB, is free, viewable, and open to all who are interested. Those that wish to participate in discussions on the contest or other topics on the forum will be required to join in order to comment.

Editors and staff of AoB will be allowed to enter, however if they choose to do so, they will be excused from any judging process to assure our long history of unbiased, ethical, and fair contests remains unblemished.


This contest is for high quality trees, all submissions falling short of this standard will be rejected. Those that are borderline will be decided upon by the staff of AoB on a case-by-case basis.

Participants are allowed to enter up to five separate entries per category.

Entries from the 2007 North American vs Europe Photo Contest that placed in the top thirty as listed here can not be entered in this contest. This rule is to assure a level playing field for all and to assure a diversified contest. After a one-year hiatus, these trees may be entered again.

Participants can submit bonsai that they personally have designed regardless of if the bonsai is currently in their care at the present or in a collection located elsewhere.

Participants may also submit bonsai that they did not design as long as the bonsai is in their care and that the original artist is named. Above all else, this contest is about the trees presented.

Submissions must be made by email to before midnight June 30, 2008. Entries that are late will be disqualified. Your entry should be posted within 24 hours. If you do not see your submission posted within 24 hours of the time you sent it, contact Will Heath at the email address above.

Upon receipt of submissions, we will post them in the entry threads located here in the order they were received. Entries will be posted in categorized entry threads titled to reflect the category the participant entered under, providing the entry meets the requirement for that category. AoB reserves the right to change categories of submissions based on our sole interpretation of the rules.

Each submission must be accompanied by text as described below. Submissions without the required text will be disqualified. All entries must be accompanied with the following text:

I have read and understood the rules of the contest and agree to abide by them. I have full copyright to all text and/or photographs I am submitting and I grant the Art of Bonsai Project and International Bonsai full permission to use any or all of the text and/or photographs submitted by myself in such manners as described in the rules and in future publications of any type as related to showcasing, promoting, featuring, or publishing the submissions to this contest as approved by the Art of Bonsai Project. I understand that any other usage of the text and/or photographs will require addition permission from myself and that, other than permissions given here, I retain full copyright to submitted materials as described.

All submissions must also include the following:

Full Real Name of entrant
Name of styling artist if different from entrant
Country entrant currently resides in
Common and botanical species names
Height of bonsai
Pot origin
Category or categories entry is entered for.
Submission not including any of the above information will be disqualified.


Digital photographs of 3 megapixels or greater will be accepted providing the original image from the camera is available in case of quality concerns. We will also accept scans in the highest resolution and finest quality, with original prints or negatives available if requested. Optimally, submitted images should be 300 dpi and 20.3 cm (8 inches, or 2400 pixels) in width.

Photographs must not be up-sized, must not be over-sharpened or over-filtered. Entries not meeting these standards, put in place for professional print publishing reasons, will be rejected. Photographs must be clear, in focus, and without a distracting background.

Photographs can be submitted in tif, jpg, or png format.

Photographs may be adjusted to alter contrast, lightness and color saturation. Cropping and rotating to level the photographs is also allowed. All other forms of manipulation will be grounds for disqualification.

We must stress that this is a 'photo contest' and as such, the quality of the photograph is of the utmost importance. Due to the possibility of future publishing in magazines, galleries, calendar, or book form, all photographs not of high technical and artistic merit will be rejected, and the entrant will be informed of the reason for rejection. Entrants will be allowed to re-submit any rejected entries with better photographs.

The entrant must have full copyrights to all photographs submitted.


Due to popular demand and a consensus of the staff at AoB, this contest will be blind. By blind we mean that entrants names will be withheld until after the contest is judged.

A Word document will be created containing a table that will contain the names of the entrants as well as a code that will be used in the submission forums to identify the trees. This document will remain hidden from the judges and the public until after the judging is completed at which time the names will be put with the original entries and the Word document will be made available to the public.

Individuals who are well known and respected in the bonsai community will judge this contest. These judges will be announced at a later date.

Each entry will be scored and given points on a scale from 0 to 10 by the judges. The judges may, at their discretion, post comments on each tree they score to elaborate on the reasoning behind their scoring.

In the case of tied scores, the staff at AoB will each score the tied entries and these scores will be added to the scores of the tied entrants. The resulting totals will determine the winner. Any of the staff of AoB that has entered the contest themselves will not be allowed to participate in this tie breaker process.

Once scored, the points of each entry will be tallied and the winners will be posted according to the following guidelines.


  • AoB Award: Chosen by the AoB Staff for the most artistically innovative entry of all entries from all categories. Any of the staff of AoB that has entered the contest themselves will not be allowed to participate in this judging process. In the event that all or the majority of the AoB staff has entered the contest, the exisiting contest judges will be used or outside judges will be brought in to select the winner of this award.

  • Grand Prize: The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries from all categories.
  • Best Conifer. The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries in this category.
  • Best Broad Leaf Tree (non-conifer). The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries in this category.
  • Best Shohin Bonsai. The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries in this category. For the purposes of this contest, Shohin Bonsai will be defined as being up to 25.4 cm (10 inches) in height.
  • Best Bonsai Landscape. The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points of all entries in this category. This category includes plantings which may incorporate stones, non-woody plants, figurines, multi-trunk [forest or group plantings], and other pieces not classified as a single tree or dual trunk.
  • Best Display. The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries in this category. All display types including Shohin display will be judged under this category.
  • Best Companion Planting. The winner will be the entry having the highest sum of total points awarded by the judges of all entries in this category.


  • American National Bonsai Exhibition Award: Chosen by the management of the National Bonsai Exhibition. The winner will automatically qualify for entry into the America's first National Bonsai Exhibition and receive some financial assistance.
  • ABFF (Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation) Award: Chosen by the management of the ABFF. The winner will win a free return air-ticket to Bangkok Thailand for the 2008 ABFF Convention in December 2008. The ticket will be from the country's main airport and not include the domestic flight. This prize can not be transfered to other people or refunded in cash if not used.

All decisions by the judges are final.


The dynamic prize list can be seen here.

We wish to thank the many sponsors who have donated prizes to this contest, please take a moment to pay them a visit or drop them a note of thanks, without these patrons of bonsai, the art would be less, not to mention the contests. For this contest, we have specifically requested that only gift certificates are donated. In this way, we save the sponsors the hassle and expense of shipping for a worldwide contest and assure that the winners receive prizes that they actually can use and appreciate. Exceptions will be made for books.

AoB will be the sole distributor of the prizes and will notify the sponsors of the winners. We ask that the entrants do not contact the sponsors regarding prize distribution; they will only refer you back to us. Those attempting to side-step this process hamper the distribution greatly and will be disqualified.

Prizes will be announced and awarded to the winner of each category. Categories are as follows:

  • AoB Award
  • Grand Prize
  • Best Conifer
  • Best Broad Leaf Tree (non-conifer)
  • Best Shohin Bonsai
  • Best Bonsai Landscape
  • Best Display
  • Best Companion Planting
  • American National Bonsai Exhibition Award
  • ABFF (Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation) Award


As with all content at the Art of Bonsai project, all copyrights remain with the author or photographer. For this contest, we ask only for permission to use the text and photographs submitted at AoB for the contest threads and other contest related threads as well as for publication by the cosponsor of the contest, International Bonsai Magazine.

We also ask for full permission to be given to International Bonsai to publish the text and photographs submitted in any manner as approved by the Art of Bonsai Project. Any other use will require permission to be granted by the author or photographer.

By entering this contest you agree to the terms of use and give full permission for use of all text and photographs for publication by the Art of Bonsai project and International Bonsai Magazine. By entering this contest, you agree to accept the rules and amended rules for the contest as posted and also agree to accept the decisions of the AoB staff, editors, and judges concerning cases not clearly covered in the rules. By entering this contest, you also agree to accept the decisions of the judges, whatever they may be and release AoB, its staff, editors, and the judges of this contest from any liability or damages regarding or resulting from this contest.

All decisions of the judges are final. Contest void where prohibited by law.


Entries submitted without the required text and information as described in the rules above will be automatically rejected. An email will be sent to the entrant explaining what was missing and an opportunity to resubmit will be given. Failure to resubmit with the required text and/or information will be cause for disqualification.

Sub-standard photographs will be automatically rejected. An email will be sent to the entrant explaining what was wrong and an opportunity to resubmit will be given. Failure to resubmit with quality photographs will be cause for disqualification.

This contest is for high quality trees, all submissions falling short of this standard will be rejected. Those that are borderline will be decided upon by the editors of AoB on a case-by-case basis.

Good luck, and have fun!

Contest and Rules by Will Heath
Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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 Post subject: Turkish
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:10 pm 

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Emre Durdar gave of his valuable time and translated the rules of this contest into Turkish for the project. Even though he is a beginner in the art, he realized the value of this contest and announced it to his friends on a Turkish Bonsai forum which is called 'Avrasya Bonsai -Eurasia Bonsai-'
( )

Thank you Emre!

‘The Art of Bonsai' Odulleri
International Bonsai tarafından desteklenmektedir


Itinali dusunup tasinmalar sonrasinda, AoB calisanlari her yil tek bir yarisma uzerine odaklanmaya karar vermislerdir. Umut ediyoruz ki boylece, hatiri sayilir bir odul listesini sunmaya devam ederek ve profesyonel degerlendirmedeki yuksek standartimizi surdurerek, dunya cevresinden cok daha buyuk bir oranda bonsai gosterimini bir araya toplayacagiz.

Tum cigir acan ve rekorlar belirleyen yarismalarimizin en iyi fikirlerini tek bir foto yarisma formatina donusturduk. Bu yeni dizayn coklu kategorileri icererek, format, diger kategori ve alt-grupların kolayca eklenerek ilerde uyelerimizin ve sponsorlarimizin ihtiyaclarini karsilayacak sekilde olusturulmustur.

American National Bonsai Exhibition odulu ve ABFF odulu gibi, sponsorlarimiz ve diger bonsai organizasyonlarinin destegi ile ek oduller de sunmaya karar verdik. Bu oduller, dunya capinda en iyi bonsaiyi odullendirmek ve tanıtmak icin ana odullerimize ek olarak olusturulmustur.

Daha onceki alt-kategorilerimiz olan profesyonel ve profesyonel olmayan katilimlarini eledik. Burada sunulacak olan icerik en ust seviyede tutularak, Bonsai Sanati'nin Felsefesini yansitan yarismalari destekleme karari aldik.

Ictenlikle diliyoruz ki, yarisma hakkinda bilgiyi yayacak ve yarismaya kendinizde istirak edeceksiniz.

Hepinize iyi sanslar dileriz!


Yarismanin hedefi, dunya cevresindeki bonsai sanatcilarinin yuksek kaliteli dunya-seviyesindeki bonsai resimlerini gondererek, yarisma katilim bitis tarihi oncesinde aciklanacak olan yuksek nitelikli jurimiz tarafindan degerlendirilip, puanla odullendirilmeleridir.

Dunya cevresinden sanatcilara dostca bir yarisma ortami sunmak ve ayni zamanda egitici olabilmek yarismanin gayesidir.

Lutfen katilim basvurunuzu yapmadan once tum kurallari okuyunuz ve yanlis anlasilmalara ve luzumsuz diskalifiyelere mahal birakmamak icin fotograflarinizi yollamadan once tekrar kurallari kontrol ediniz.Hepsinden otesi, iyi vakit gecirin ve eglenin.

Yarisma, kanunen engelli yerlerde geçersizdir.


Yarisma kurallarina uyan ve onlari kabul eden, herhangi bir ulkeden herkes katilabilir.

Katilmak icin ‘The Art of Bonsai Project'e uye olmaniz gerekmemektedir. AoB'deki diger tum icerik gibi bu yarisma da ucretsiz olup, ilgilenen tum kisilere acik ve incelenilebilirdir.
Forumdaki, yarisma hakkinda ve ya diger konular uzerine tartismalara yorumda bulunabilmek icin, uyelik gerekmektedir.

AoB'nin editorleri ve calisanlari yarismaya katilabilirler, ancak boyle yaptiklarinda, tarafsiz, etik ve adil yarismalarimizin kusursuz kalmalari acisindan hicbir juri faaliyetinde bulunamayacaklardir.


Bu yarisma yuksek kalite agaclar icin olup, bu standarta uymayan tum basvurular geri cevrilecektir. Ancak belirsiz(sinirda) olanlar hakkinda karar, AoB calisanlari tarafindan basvuruya hususi olarak verilecektir.

Istirakcilar, kategori basina bes farkli kayit ile katilabilirler.

Yandaki adreste listelendigi üzere here, 2007 Kuzey Amerika ve Avrupa Foto Yarismalari'nda ilk otuza giren yarismacilar bu yarismaya katilamazlar. Bu kural, yarismada cesitliligi saglamak ve herkese bir sans tanimayi temin etmek icindir. Bir yil araliktan sonra, bu agaclar tekrar yarismaya girebilirler.

Katilimcilar, kendi dizayn ettikleri bonsaileri, eger su an itibari ile bonsai ellerinde olsa da ya da baska bir yerde bulunan bir koleksiyonda da olsa yollayabilirler.

Katilimcilar, orjinal sanatkarin adini belirtmek ve bonsai kendi bakimlarinda olmasi sartiyla, kendi dizaynlari olmayan bonsailer ile de basvurabilirler. Diger herseyin ustunde, bu yarisma sunulan agaclar ile ilgilidir.

Basvurular, adresine 30 Haziran 2008 gece yarisindan once postalanmalidir. Bu tarihten gec gelen basvurular diskalifiye edilecektir. Kayitiniz 24 saat icerisinde gonderilmelidir. Basvurunuzu, basvurdugunuz andan itibaren 24 saat icerisinde gonderilmis gormezseniz, yukaridaki email adresinden Will Health ile baglanti kurunuz.

Basvurularinizi, bize ulasmasi ile, tarafimiza ulastirildigi sirayla, here adresinde bulunan basliga gonderecegiz. Istirakcinin katildigi kategoriyi gosterebilmek icin, katilimcilar, o kategoriye katilim kosullarini saglayarak, katilim bolumunde kategori basliklari ile belirtileceklerdir. AoB, basvurularin kategorilerini degistirme hakkini, kurallarin kendi biricik (yanlız) yorumuna dayanarak elinde tutar.

Her basvuru, asagida aciklanan metni beraberinde bulundurmak zorundadir. Bu gerekli metine sahip olmayan basvurular diskalifiye edileceklerdir. Tum katilimlar takip eden metin ile birlikte bulunmalidirlar.

Yarismanin tum kurallarini okudum ve anladim ve onlara uymayi kabul ediyorum. Gonderdigim tum metin ve / ve ya fotograflarin telif haklarina sahibim ve ‘the Art of Bonsai Project'e ve ‘International Bonsai'ye, benim tarafimdan gonderilen herhangi ya da tum metin ve / ve ya fotograflarin kurallarda belirtilen durumlar uzere ‘the Art of Bonsai' tarafindan onaylanılarak, sergilemesine, promosyon olarak, bir metin ya da yazili organ da asil unsur olarak kullanilmasina ve bu yarismaya yollanan gonderilerin yayinlanmasina izin verip, kabul ediyorum. Metnin ve / ve ya fotograflarin, buradaki izinler harici bir şekilde kullanimi icin benden ek izin gereksinimdirdigini biliyorum, belirtildigi gibi gonderilen materyallerin tum telif haklarina sahibim.

Tum basvurular asagidaki kismi da barindirmak zorundadir:

Katilimcinin tam gercek adi
Eger katilimcidan farkli ise dizayn artistinin adi
Hali hazirda katilimcinin ikamet ettigi ulke
Turun (Turlerin) genel ve botanik cins adlari
Bonsainin boyu (yuksekligi)
Saksinin orijini
Katilimcinin katildigi kategori ve ya kategoriler
Yukaridaki bilgilerden herhangi birine sahip olmayan basvururlar diskalifiye edilecektir.


3 megapiksel ve daha buyuk, kalite ile ilgili olası durumlar için kameradan alınan orjinaliği sağlanan, dijital fotograflar kabul edilecektir. Istendiginde negatifleri ve baskilari saglanmak kosuluyla, en yüksek çözünürlükte ve en yüksek kalitede taratilmis resimler de kabul edilecektir. En uygun olarak yollanan resimler 300dpi (dot per inches-inch basina nokta) ve 20.3cm (yani 8 inch, ve ya 2400 piksel) genisliginde olmalidirlar.

Fotograflarin sonradan boyutlari ayarlanmamali, fazladan keskinlestirilmemeli ve fazladan filitrelenmemelidirler. Bu standartlara uymayan katilimcilar, profesyonel baski yayim kurallari sebebiyle, reddedilecektirler. Fotograflar net (acik), odaklanmis olmali ve dikkat dagitici bir arkaplana sahip olmamalidirlar.
Fotograflar tif, jpg ve ya png formatinda olabilirler.

Fotograflarin contrast, isik ve renk canliliklari ayarlanilabilir. Fotograflarin seviyeleri ayarlamak icin dondurulmesi ve kirpilmasi serbesttir. Bunlar haricindeki tum manipulasyonlar diskalifiye olmak icin sebeptirler.

Tekrar ustune basarak belirtmeliyiz ki bu bir ‘fotograf yarismasi'dir ve bu sebeple fotografin kalitesi en onemli husustur. Daha sonra (ileride) dergilerde, galerilerde, takvimlerde ya da kitap formunda basilma olasiligindan dolayi, yüksek teknik ve artistik standartlara sahip olmayan tum fotograflar da kabul edilmeyecektirler ve katilimci kabul edilmeme sebebi hakkinda bilgilendirilecektir. Katilimcilar, reddedilmis basvurularini daha guzel resimlerle yenileyerek tekrardan katilma hakkina sahiptirler.

Katilimcinin yolladigi tum resimlerin, tum telif haklarina sahip olmasi zorunludur.


Yogun istek ve AoB'nin calisanlarinin (staff) karari uzerine, bu yarisma kor(bilnd) bir yarisma olacaktir. Kor'den kastimiz, katilimcilarin isimleri, yarisma sonucları karara baglanmanana kadar sakli tutulacaktir.

Katilimcilarin isimlerini ve forumlara yollandiginda agaclari tanimlayabilmek icin codlarini bir tabloda barindiran bir Word dokumani hazirlanacaktir. Bu dokuman, yarisma sonuclarinin karar verilme asamasi tamamlanana kadar gizli tutulacaktir, ki bu tarihte orjinal katilimlar isimleriyle verilecek ve bu Word dokumani halka acilacaktir.

Bonsai topluluklarinca iyi taninan ve saygi duyulan kisiler bu yarisma da hakemlik yapacaklardir. Hakemler daha sonraki bir tarihte aciklanacaklardir.
Her katilimci, hakemler tarafindan 0 dan 10 a kadar bir puan skalasina gore degerlendirileceklerdir. Hakemler, kendi istekleri dogrultusunda, puanladiklari agaclara, yaptiklari puanlamanin sebepleri hakkinda yorum gonderebilirler.

Puanlarin esit oldugu durumlarda, AoB personeli puanlarin beraberlik durumunda olan agaclarin her birine puan verecek ve bu puanlar da, puanlari esit katilimcilara eklenecektir. Sonuc toplam puanlari kazanani belirleyecektir, Yarismaya katilan hicbir AoB personeli, bu beraberligi (esitligi) bozacak durumda puanlamaya katilamaz.


AoB Odulu: AoB personeli tarafindan, tum kategorilere katilan tum katilimcilar arasindan sanatsal anlamda en yenilikci katilimciyi secilecektir. Yarismaya katilan hicbir AoB personeli, bu karar verme asamasina katilamayacaktir. AoB personelinin tumunun ya da buyuk cogunlugunun yarismaya katildigi bir durumda ise, hali hazirdaki hakemler karar vermede kullanilacak ve ya disaridan bu odulun sahibini secmek icin yeni hakemler getirilecektir.

Buyuk Odul: Kazanan, tum kategorilere katilan butun katilimcilar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis olan katilimci olacaktir.

En iyi Kozalakli (ibreli): Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir.

En iyi Genis (Enli) Yaprakli Agac (Kozalaksiz-Ibresiz): Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir.

En iyi Shohin Bonsai: Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir. Bu yarismanin amaci olarak, Shohin Bonsailer 25.4 (10inch) yuksekligine kadar tanimlanacaktirlar.

En iyi Manzara (Landscape) Bonsai: Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir. Bu kategori, taslari, odunsu olmayan bitkileri, helkelcikleri, coklu govdeli (orman ya da grup stili –group plantings-) ve tek ve ya iki govdeli olarak siniflandirilmamis diger parcalari iceren dikimleri icerir.

En iyi Sergileme: Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir. Shohinler dahil olmak uzere, tum agac cinsleri bu kategori altinda degerlendirilecektirler.

En iyi Esli Dikim: Kazanan, bu kategoriye katilan agaclar arasindan, hakemler tarafindan verilen puanlarla, toplamda en yuksek puana ulasmis katilimci olacaktir.


American National Bonsai Exhibition Odulu: National Bonsai Exhibition yonetimi tarafindan secilecektir. Kazanan otomatik olarak, Amerikan'nin ilk National Bonsai Exbition (Ulusal Bonsai Sergisine) girmek icin secilecek ve belirli bir miktar finansal destek alacaktir.

ABFF (Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation -Asya-PasifikBonsai Kardeslik Federasyonu) Odulu: ABFF yonetimi tarafindan secilecektir. Kazanan, Bangkok Tayland'a, Aralik 2008'deki 2008 ABFF Konvensiyonu'na bedava ucak bileti kazanacaktir. Ucak bileti, ulkenin ana hava alanindan olup, ic ucus seferlerini kapsamayacaktir. Bu odul diger (baska) kisilere transfer edilemez ve ya kullanilmadiginda iade edilip nakite dondurulemez.

Hakemler tarafindan alinan tum kararlar sonuctur (finaldir).


Dinamik Odul listesi [URL=] buradan gorulebilir.

Yarismamiza katkida bulunmus tum sponsorlarimiza tesekkur ederiz. Lutfen biraz vakit ayirip onlari ziyaret edin ve ya onlara bir tesekkur notu yazin. Bonsainin bu koruyuculari olmasaydi, sanat eksik, yarismalar anilamaz, olurdu. Bu yarisma icin, sadece odul sertifikalarinin hediye edilmesini ozellikle istedik. Bu sayede, sponsorlarimizi dunya cabinda bir yarismada posta ucretlerinden ve zorluklarindan kurtarmak istedik. Ve ayrica kazananlarin, gercekten kullanabilecek ve degerini bilecekleri, bir odul almalarindan emin olmak istedik. Kitaplar icin istisnalar yapilacaktir.

AoB odullerin tek distributorudur (dagiticisi). Ve kazananlarin sponsorlarini bilgilendirecektir. Odul dagitimi hakkinda, katilimcilarin sponsorlarla contak kurmamalarini rica ediyoruz. Sizin hakkinizda sadece sponsorlar bizimle baglanti kuracaklardir. Bu islemden kacanlar (kacinanlar) dagitimi buyuk sekilde engellemis olacaklar ve diskalifiye edilecektirler.

Oduller, her kategori icin ayri olarak kazanana anons edilip, odullendirilecektir. Kategoriler soyledir:

AoB Odulu
Buyuk odul
En iyi Kozalakli (Ibreli)
En iyi Genis (Enli) Yaprakli Agac (Kozalaksiz-Ibresiz)
En iyi Shohin Bonsai
En iyi Manzara (Landscape) Bonsai
En iyi Sergileme
En iyi Esli Dikim

American National Bonsai Exhibition Odulu
ABFF (Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation -Asya-PasifikBonsai Kardeslik Federasyonu) Odulu


Art of Bonsai project'in tum iceriginin de oldugu gibi, tum telif haklari yazarda ve ya fotografcida kalir. Bu yarisma icin, AoB'ye gonderilen sadece metin ve fotograflari yarisma basliklarinda (thread) ve diger yarismayla ilgili basliklarda (thread) ve ayrica yarismanin yan sponsoru olan ‘International Bonsai Magazine'de basilmak (yayimlanmak) uzere izin istiyoruz.

Ayrica International Bonsai'ye, Art of Bonsai'e hangi yolla olursa olsun gonderilmis ve Art of Bonsai tarafindan onaylanmis tum metin ve fotograflari yayinlamak uzere tam izin talep ediyoruz. Diger tum kullanimlar yazar ve ya fotografcidan izin alinmasini gerektirir.

Bu yarismaya katilarak, tum kullanim sartlarini kabul etmis olursunuz, ve Art of Bonsai ve International Bonsai'ye tum metin ve fotograflarin yayimlanmasi icin kullanim hakkini tam bir bicimde tanimis (izin vermis) olursunuz. Bu yarismaya katilarak, tum kurallari ve degistirilmis kurallari da gonderildigi haliyle (posted) kabul etmis olursunuz. Ve ayrica AoB'nin, onun calisanlarinin (personelinin), editorlerinin ve hakemlerin kurallarda tam olarak acikca belirtilmemis durumlarda verdikleri kararlarini da kabul etmis olursunuz. Bu yarismaya katilarak ayni zamanda hakemlerin verdikleri kararlari da kabul etmis olursunuz. Ve her ne olursa olsun, AoB'yi, onun calisanlarini (personelini), editorlerini ve hakemlerini bu yarisma tarafindan ve ya yarismaya bagli olarak olusabilecek tum yukumluluklerden ve ( ve ya) zararlardan dolayi sorumlu tutamayacaginizi kabul etmis olursunuz.

All decisions of the judges are final. Contest void where prohibited by law.
Hakemler tarafindan alinan tum kararlar sonuctur (finaldir). Yarisma, kanunen engelli yerlerde geçersizdir.


Yukaridaki kurallarda belirtilmis (aciklanmis) metin ve bilgiye sahip olmayan basvurular (katilimcilar) otomatik olarak reddedilirler. Katilimciya, neyin eksik oldugunu belirten ve tekrardan basvurmasi sansini ona verecek olan bir email gonderilicektir. Tekrar yapilan basvurularin istenilen metini ve /ve ya bilgiyi icermemesi durumu basvurunun diskalifiye edilmesine yol acacaktir..

Istenilen standardin altindaki fotograflar otomatik olarak reddedilecektir. Neyin hatali olduguna dair bilgiyi iceren bir email basvuru sahibine gonderilecektir ve ona tekrardan basvurmasi icin bir sans daha verilecektir. Tekrar yapilan basvurunun istenilen duzeyde fotograflari icermemesi durumu basvuru diskalifiye edilmesine yol acacaktir.

Bu yarisma yuksek kaliteli agaclar icindir. Bu standarti saglayamayan tum basburular reddedilecektir. Sinirda gorulen basvurular ise, AoB editorleri tarafindan bire bir basvuruya gore degerlendirilip karara baglanacaktir.

Iyi sanslar ve iyi eglenceler!

(Yarisma konsepti ve kurallar Will Heath'a aittir. Tum hatalar onundur.)

Contest Rules by Will Heath
Copyright 2008 to present. All Rights Reserved.

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