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Author:  Will Heath [ Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:07 pm ]
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Al Keppler wrote:
You mean these three professional judges did not always agree with each other? I find that verging on subjectivity. I couldn't be more happy that their taste in bonsai was all over the board. I find that the most refreshing of all. Not all percieved art is art to everyone.

You are jumping ships here.
The debate on subjectivity you have had in the recent past ( ... 1&start=30 ) was centered on what was or wasn't art. In this contest there is no doubt that bonsai is an art form, no room for subjectivity. AoB recognizes bonsai as an art form and its purpose is to advance the same.
The three judges scored pieces of art, each judge being a talented world class bonsai artist in their own right, and each judge gave scores based on their own experience, talent, and ability. Since no two people are the same, no two sets of scores will be either, this is the same for any judged event in the world, from classic restored cars, to dog and pony shows.
You may argue that the judges were subjective, but this does not in any way validate your past claims that art is subjective, nor does it add weight to your above statement about perceived art.
Bonsai is an art form, if you perceive it as being so, or not.


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