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Author:  Carl Bergstrom [ Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:20 am ]
Post subject:  Bonsai Today / Art of Bonsai Photo Contest

This thread is for discussing the 2006 photography contest co-sponsored by Bonsai Today Magazine and the Art of Bonsai Project.
Rules can be found on the main page.

Contest and Rules by Will Heath
Copyright 2006 to present. All Rights Reserved.

Author:  Will Heath [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 1:36 pm ]
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Entries are beginning to roll in and it looks as though we are going to have some really great photographs!
One common question that I have been asked is if there are categories for the entries so that those of lessor experience can have a chance at winning. Yes, there are categories for this contest which are listed on the main contest page and also below.
Categories include:
Grand prize, overall best bonsai.
Best bonsai by a non-professional artist.
Best bonsai by a professional artist.
Best North American bonsai.
Best penjing, saikei or forest planting.
Best companion planting.
Professional artist is defined as anyone who has received compensation for teaching classes, giving demos, workshops, or for selling bonsai. The classification for professional or non-professional is only valid for the two categories Best bonsai by a non-professional artist and Best bonsai by a professional artist in all the other categories there are no divisions.
Everyone has a chance so please send your entries to and we will get them posted.
Good luck,


Author:  Bernie Cramer [ Sun May 07, 2006 3:00 pm ]
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Hello Carl,
today I have taken my first image of my favorite tree, this I have done to send to Paul for inclusion in the Art of Bonsai World View, may I use the same image to enter the Art of Bonsai Photo Contest?

Author:  Will Heath [ Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:57 pm ]
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Yes, of course.

Author:  Mike Page [ Fri Jul 28, 2006 5:15 pm ]
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Hello all
I've surfed through all the entries several times since the contest closed, and I still enjoy seeing them again. There's some very fine work here and it speaks well for the future of bonsai in this world.
I must say that the competition is very stiff, as it should be. Since no results have been announced, I won't mention any names, but there are two artists that really stand out. If I was to even come close to either of them, I'd be very happy.
Congratulations to all.

Author:  Will Heath [ Fri Jul 28, 2006 6:08 pm ]
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Thanks Mike!
We are waiting on some submissions that were sent to Wayne at Bonsai Today before the announcement was made that the contest would be a collaboration between Bonsai Today and the Art of Bonsai Project. (Needless to say, we were honored to be involved in such a contest with the Premiere English language bonsai magazine!)
Anyhow, these entries were sent in in good faith and we feel it is only right that they be included in the contest. I will post them as soon as the disk from Bonsai Today arrives and then the judging will begin. Please see the judging announcement made today for further information.
Will Heath

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