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Author:  Editorial Staff [ Thu Mar 09, 2006 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Photographic Content Policy

The Art of Bonsai Project has added the capability to upload pictures directly by the members any time they post in a thread. This will significantly improve the content and versatility of the forum.

However, in order to maintain the existing quality, we ask that you observe our guidelines for pictures when creating an attachment.
Pictures specifically of "finished" bonsai should be of show quality bonsai only. You can, however, post a work in progress or any other picture if the subject of your post requires such a picture to make your point. By way of a guideline, "finished" bonsai should be the rule and everything else the exception.

Allowable attachment extensions are .jpg, .gif, and .png only.
All photographs posted on must exhibit technical competence: they should be in focus, properly exposed, and they should use the best backdrop possible under the circumstances. Photographs should be edited properly in a photo-editing program. In particular, images should be cropped and corrected if necessary for exposure and rotation.
We recommend inline forum images be no more than 370 pixels in width and no more than 700 pixels in height, whilst maintaining a maximum file size of 256 MB. Using these dimensions will ensure that your photograph is viewable in the post. If the photograph is of a larger size, a link will automatically be created to it in the post and the viewer will have to click on it to view it.

Accompanying text should be well written, utilising proper spelling and grammar. Either International English or American English spelling conventions may be used when posting or submitting content such as articles, galleries, and reviews. However, we do ask that you stick to one form or the other and do not mix spelling conventions.

We would also ask that you submit information species (common and Latin name) height (Both Metric and Imperial, if known), maker of pot, your user name and country. You may also include any other information that you feel is pertinent.

Photographs not in accordance with these guidelines may be edited or deleted by the moderators.

Copyright Warning:
Do not post text or images to which you do not have the copyright.
For original text and images, the copyright for content posted to the Art of Bonsai remains with the author, though we do request non-exclusive permission to use your contributions in future articles, collections, retrospectives, etc.

Contact Carl Bergstrom at if you have questions or concerns about this policy.

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