Bonsai esthetics.
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Author:  Emil Brannstrom [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Bonsai esthetics.

There seems to be an upswing for articles and books regarding the esthetics of bonsai, but from a slightly different perspective than usual. The web is littered with articles simply stating the usual "Rules" that most of us have heard about a couple of hundred times and although they deal with esthetics, they hardly makes us much wiser since they rarely explain the "whys". Robert Steven wrote an excellent article for AoB some time ago and Bonsai Focus have had a series of articles dealing with esthetics.I personally thought that Robert Steven's article was excellent (although a bit short) as it was similar to the "think" I was taught at artschool. I wrote an article myself for a new site called that can be found here:

How much do these "new" perspectives interest you? Do they have any kind of practical influence on your styling or do you think they are more interesting from a philosophical point of view?


Author:  Will Heath [ Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:34 pm ]
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As I mentioned there, this is a good basic primer on entry level art. Well wrote. However, this is not the review section, so I will refrain from such.

For those seeking more on this subject, I would suggest the following:

Artistic Foundations of Bonsai Design

The Correct Way To Make Art

Aims in Bonsai A Psychological Perspective

Behind The Rules

It should also be mention that Robert Steven is in the progress of publishing another book and I think we will all be pleased with the subject matter. His first book was incredible and should be a must-read for any person interested in art and bonsai.


Author:  Richard Moquin [ Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:32 am ]
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Works without soul, are mere objects on, or of any given medium. Understanding the basics towards an end is a great foundation in assisting the individual reach his/her goal. If the individual fails to portray the passion from deep within, and merely designing from the mind instead of the soul, then he/she is just creating "something".

True passion is not a mechanical process but one that evokes response. I guess other folks call this talent, but one can have talent without evoking passion, the true artist has both IMO.

I was fortunate enough to have acquired Robert's book and I am looking forward to the publishing of his second. No amount of reviews can accurately describe the contents of his work, nor convey the message held within. Although a book is classified as "literature" this volume is anything but, it is in a sense a work of art. Why?

Because the book has the ability to move you, it evokes deep seeded passions that many have failed to express IMO, it is not merely written words that at times fail miserably in conveying a message, but much more. Art is felt, not seen.

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